How It Works

Bonne Charms brings you every day good luck through its virtual lucky charms and precious stones.

In many cultures around the world, it is believed that charms and precious stones can bring one luck, fortune and protection, and promote well-being and healing. 

Carry your activated virtual charms and stones conveniently on your mobile device wherever you go for a little luck and help as you go about your day!

Step 1: Set up an account and claim your first three virtual charms and one bag for free!

Step 2: Add your charms to your bag and curate different charm bags for all occasions.

Step 3: Activate your charms daily for everyday good luck. Activated charms disappear after 24h. So remember to activate them daily!

Step 4:  Purchase other charms and bags for lucky days.

Note: All charms and bags are virtual items.